Instant Reaction: Chicago Bears Lose First Preseason Game

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Denver 24, Chicago 17

Well to start off this is a preseason game, so anything that happens now is not really what will happen in the regular season.

Regardless, it is pretty clear that Mike Glennon in no way deserves the starting spot for the Bears. 3 plays into the season and this happens:

It looked like it was going to be a long season for Bears fans. But then a QB change later, Mitchell Trubisky is put in and goes for back to back TD drives. He looked excellent with great passes to Victor Cruz and Rueben Randle. The surprising move up to the 2nd pick in the NFL draft seems to be paying off. But only time will tell. Trubisky still has a lot to learn about the NFL game.

Defensively the Bears need to improve, but today’s showing may just be because of a weak bench. Denver was having too easy of a time moving the ball around.

None the less, the Mitchell hype is real. Move over Glennon, there is a new Bear in town. #10GAWD

UPDATE: Mike Vick Approves.

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