Thursday Topic Round Up

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Exactly 16 days till the first football game (Rice vs. Stanford in Australia for some reason) and 21 days till Week 1 officially begins. Till then, you will be stuck observing headlines and spending countless hours on how your team can possibly make it into the CFP or a NY6 Bowl. I have rounded up the top headlines from this year’s training camps.


This is always the worst. Jack Cichy almost made it to my players to watch in the Big Ten list in Tuesday’s blog. The line backer missed half of last season due to a torn pectoral. Cichy was on the watch lists for many end of season awards. This shouldnt hurt Wisconsin much since it should be a stroll in the park through the season. With the hardest match ups of the season coming against BYU and Michigan. Look for them to recover from the loss and Cichy to continue to show leadership from the sideline. Wisconsin has depth, but this still hurts.

2. Air Force Academy will introduce Beer Sales this season.

I don’t know how much the service school party in tailgates. I don’t see them getting as rowdy as WVU, Ole Miss, LSU and Alabama. But beer sales inside stadiums are always a a great idea. Best part, beer sales start 1 hour before the game and end in the middle of the third quarter. So yo can still leave and get back to your tailgate if your team end up blowing the game. But that doesn’t seem like an issue for the Falcons who ended last season on a 6 game win streak and are 17-1 in the last 3 seasons at home. Air Force joins 7 other Mountain West schools to have beer sold inside the stadiums. I guess that is one way to keep the conference relevant.

3. UAB football hits 10,000 mark for season tickets sold.

We all remember the days when UAB lost the program a couple years ago. Last year, the team came back after missing the 2015 season and this year they get 10,000 season tickets sold. Talk about a comeback.

4. Steve Spurrier chirps at LSU.

Classic Steve Spurrier just putting Coach O’s tigers in a body bag. I don’t know much about the LSU players, but I do know they want to play for their new Coach. Coach O has an electric coaching style. Outside of the Bayou, we may not understand much of what he is saying, but his style just wants to make you run through a wall for him. hopefully LSU shows it on the field this year.

It’s going to be pretty slow news until the season starts. But do expect betting lines, a lot of coverage of the Big 10 and and my alma mater, Illinois. I will try to get headlines from around the nation on Sundays. If yo are like me, these next 16 days cannot get here soon enough.

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