A Look At Lane Kiffin’s Bizzare FAU Team

Lan Kiffin. Joey Saltwater. The team he is building at Florida Atlantic University is bizzare.


Lan Kiffin. Joey Saltwater. The team he is building at Florida Atlantic University is bizzare. But this seems tame for Lane Kiffin who has had a crazy career. If you have been following Kiffin’s history, he has done this before at USC. Last year, Kiffin butted heads with Nick Saban at Alabama and from all we know that is what possibly led to his departure.


Now at FAU, missing most of the recruiting season, he needed to quickly fill up roster spots. His team has now become Last Last Chance U for filling his roster with standout players from Eastern Mississippi Commnity College, which is the feature school for on the Netflix sports documentary, Last Chance U and other players kicked out of their Division 1 programs

Here is the roster:

QB – De’Andre Johnson – QB in2016 for EMCC, accused of punching a girl at Florida State University in 2015

WR – John Franklin III – 4th school (FSU, EMCC, Auburn, now FAU) and 2nd position (QB, now WR)

DE – Tim Bonnor – Accused of having a gun and being a threat to society, dismissedfrom Louisville, played at EMCC in 2016

DT – Jeramiah Taleni – Former top lineman at University of Pittsburgh, kicked off team

LB – Kain Daub – work ethic qestioned at FSU

WR – Kamrin Solomon – dismissedfrom FAU, now returned

QB – Chris Robison – kicked off Oklahoma’s roster in the spring

WR – DeAndre McNeal – kicked off Texas’ roster

Defensive Coordinator – Chris Kiffin – Under investigation by the NCAA for violations at Ole Miss

Tight End Coach – Clint Trickett – Former QB Coach at EMCC

Including these fromer D1 players, there are 34 new players. If Lane can pull off a great season with a surprising former All-Star lineup, he should be able pull off a good season. Fans should get excited for this season. The entire team may be a 1 and done, including the coach Lane Kiffin. He has done it before, and the entire state of Tennesee still hates him for it.

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