Big 10 Fan Happiness Rankings

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ESPN released its rankings on how happy each of the 128 CFB teams fans are. Rankings were based on program power, rivalry dominance, coaching stability, recruiting trend, revenue growth and ofcourse twitter buzz. You can see for yourself here.Here is how the Big 10 did:

  1. (1) Ohio State – Not surprising, consistently successful.
  2. (9) Northwestern – Pat Fitgerald has really turned this team around. Evanston has become Chicago’s Big 10 team. (That hurts me to say as an Illinois Alum).
  3. (12)Penn State – Solid team coming og a Big 10 championship season. Fans have a lot to be excited about.
  4. (14) Wisconsin – Consistently good team that wins their division, but, the Big 10 west is Terrible. 
  5. (22) Michigan – Michigan hit an all time low until Harbaugh was poached from the NFL. Excitement is finally turning up in Ann Arbor with some great recruiting classes.
  6. (55) Maryland – B1G is a basketball conference, even if football is goot, Maryland is a basketball school.
  7. (58) Iowa – Iowa is trending upward, but after a mediocre season last year, itsboom or bust for Hawkeye fans.
  8. (59) Indiana – The wins make Hoosier fans happy. But how much of that is from drinking at Kilroy’s at 9 am I don’t know.
  9. (73) Rutgers – Chris Ash has done a good job. They have already hit rockbottom, there is only up from here.
  10. (87) Nebraska – Husker Fans love their boys in red. But hate them when they lose. Keep the fans happy by wining 10 games, which they have not done.
  11. (101) Minnesota – I don’t understand this one. They have a new and exciting coach in P.J. Fleck, but maybe Hockey is really the Gopher’s top sport.
  12. (108) Purdue – Can’t keep fans happy when you don’t recruit well and have consistently bad seasons.
  13. (111) Illinois – Expectations are very high for this program. Week 1 we may have a packed house, but by Week 7 the student section may have 100 students max, as seen below (compared to the header photo). Also, Beckman’s recruiting was terrible. Hopefully Lovie Smith can turn it around this year. 197znl5poea0cjpg
  14. (115) Michigan State – TERRIBLE season last year and fans aren’t optimistic for this year either, cold this be the end of Mark Dantonio.




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