Review of the AP Top 25

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  1. Alabama (52)
    • Every year, Alabama is always first. Saban’s Crimson Tide get a bias. But no other team deserves this spot, which is why Pre-season rankings dont mean anything. Week 1 match up against #3 FSU should be a must see.
  2. Ohio State (3)
    • Just like Alabama, this is also a bias. With Penn State HOT right now, OSU does not deserve to be ahead of the Nittany Lions. Week 1 Thursday night ESPN College Gameday kick off in Bloomington with a Big 10 matchup.
  3. Florida State (4)
    • FSU deserves a top 5 spot and are coming off a great 2016 season. They have a chance to prove it self with a week 1 matchup against Bama. Sucks that a top 3 team would have to lose in week 1.
  4. USC (2)
    • USC is on a 9 game win streak with an amazing Rose Bowl win against Penn State. Stanford Coach David Shaw compared Sam Darnold to Andrew Luck, ans said he is CFB’s best QB. Expectations are high for the Trojans. Week 1: vs. W. Michigan.
  5. Clemson
    • Defending champion, but lost x-factor QB Deshaun Watson. Over rated. Hopefully Dabo Swinney’s recruiting pays off. Week 1 vs. Kent State
  6. Penn State
    • I am riding Penn State’s hype train. They are coming in hot after being left out of the CFP last year. Week 1 vs. Akron
  7. Oklahoma
    • This seems high for a team with a new coach. Week 2 matchup vs. #2 Ohio State should be see how this team is actually rated. Week 1: vs. UTEP
  8. Washington
    • They are riding the committees confidence which put them in the playoffs over. But the Huskies did not look very spectacular. Week 1: vs. Rutgers
  9. Wisconsin
    • Solid team, and will probably win the Big 10 west. But too highly ranked. Week 1: vs. Utah State
  10. Oklahoma State
    • OSU was dominant last season. With losses only to Oklahoma, Baylor and the controversial one to Central Michigan. The cowboys would move up on my list. Week 1 vs. Tulsa
  11. Michigan
    • Harbaugh’s team is hyped again. Harbaugh is a very good coach. I expected them to be ranked higher. But this rank makes sense since the Wolverinve defense needs work and are nowhere close to Penn State and Ohio State. Week 1 vs. Florida.
  12. Auburn
    • The SEC is tough, but not this tough. The Tigers were 8-5 last year. Not a good showing. They could be ranked higher, but don’t expect much, as they would be overrated. Week 1 vs. Georgia Sothern.
  13. LSU
    • Coach O + Mike the Tiger cold make for a potent combination. However, we will not see either play on the field. With the loss of Leonard Fournette, LSU is too highly ranked in my opinion. Week 1 vs. BYU.
  14. Stanford
    • Coach David Shaw needs only 8 games this year to become the winningest coach in Stanford history. The program is successful and consistent. Should be ranked higher. Week 1 in Sydney, Australia vs. Rice
  15. Georgia
    • Georgia was 8-5 last year, with bad losses. Over-rated Week 1: vs. App State
  16. Louisville
    • Lamar Jackson is the last Heismen winner. I do not think that he would be the same his year. The Ville has a a tough pre-season schedule. If Louisville can create the sam e magic as last year, they have a very good chance. Week 1: vs. Purdue
  17. Florida
    • Florida has a top to 2017 class, but will the suspensions add up for the Gators? The SEC east champions havea tough 2017 matchup against Michigan in week 1. If they can get over the adversities, this is a very good preseasonranking, but still rankedtoo high
  18. Miami
    • The Hurricanes had a fantastic 2016 season, but failed to wingames against tougher opponents. This team has a chance to win the ACC coastal this year. Week 1: vs. Bethune Cookman (FCS)
  19. South Florida
    • The Bulls went 11-2 last year but had a defense that took on way too many snaps. If Charlie Strong can turn around the USF defense, they have a chance to win the AAC. This team has hype and deserves to be in the top 25, bt it is still ranked too high. Week 1: vs San Jose State.
  20. Kansas State
    • Bill Snyder has proved to be an excellent coach, but is 77 years old. If the coach is healthy and can contineu coaching a very potent team, K state can do damage. But dont expect them to be ranked past Week 4. Week 1: vs. Central Arkansas
  21. Virginia Tech
    • The Hokies won 10 games last year, but coach Jason Fuentedoent think they are ready. The ACC coastal is weak, and Va Tech has a top 25 2017 class. They have to set the tone Week 1 vs. West Virginia.
  22. West Virginia
    • In experience plagues the Mountaineer roster. Dont see a reason for them to be ranked. Enticing matchup Week 1 vs. Virginia Tech.
  23. Texas
    • Is it a preseason ranking without Texas? They are rebuilding this year but have Tom Herman, who did an excellent job at Houston in the last few years. They have the weapons, but can they prove it. Week 1 vs. Maryland. Week 3 matchup will be critical and season defining when they play USC for the first time since the 2006 Rose Bowl.
  24. Washington State
    • You all have to listen to the Pardon my Take interview with headcoachMike Leach. He has built a stellar program at Wazzu and has a great offense. Can his 2017 campaign continue against a tough Pac 12. Week 1 vs. Montana State
  25. Tennessee
    • Tennessee is rebuilding this year. They don’t look good enough to be ranked. New offense, new QB and a sloppy defense. Week 1 vs Georgia Tech.

This is my first real look at the rankings, hopefully i made some sor of sense. Bt here are teams that I beleive were left out ahve have a solid chance to crack the Top 25 this season:

UCLA, Northwestern, Iowa, Notre Dame, TCU, Utah, Colorado, Pitt, and Houston

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