Recapping the First Full Saturday in College Football

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A lot of sports happened this weekend. Being Labor Day, I was out of town and unable to keep up with everything that happened this weekend. That being said, here is a what I think about the top games this weekend.

TLS Betting Record: 3-2

This wasnt a terrible weekend. From my predictions, I went 3-2 and 6-3 overall. This was a good start. We were able to see how teams played and how the season should play out. Personally I think I would stay away from MAC teams until league games start, but that is just me. The MAC was .500 ATS and only 5 of the 12 teams had games that beat the over. There are more exciting games to bet on. Like the Week 2 matchup between Ohio State and Oklahoma in Columbus.

AP Top 25 Recap and Predictions

Alabama beat #3 Florida State to keep the top spot in the rankings. I don’t think that Alabama falls. But the Tide did lost 2 linebackers and FSU QB Deondre Francis is out for the season with a horrific knee injury. Alabama stays, FSU takes a huge tumble to #15.

#2 Ohio State pulled of a comeback win in Bloomington read about it here. Predition: OSU stays #2

#4 USC and Sam Darnold avoided an upset against W. Michigan. This how ever was nothing but a good showing from either side and the best team won the game. USC was unable to stop a firey WMU run. USC Drops to #7,  only because #5-#9 won big.

#5 Clemson dominated Kent State 56-3. #6 Penn State beats Akron 52-0. #7 Oklahoma routs UTEP 56-7. #8 Washington avoids a scare vs. Rutgers. #9 Wisconsin runs Utah State off the table 59-10. I think that Clemson, Penn State, Oklahoma and Wisconsin move up. replacing FSU and USC. #8 Washington keeps its spot. #6 Penn State and TLS’s Heisman picks, Saquan Barkley and Trace McSorely, had 200 yards offense each and accounted for 5 of Penn State’s 7 touchdowns.

#10 Oklahoma State and Heisman hopeful Mason Rudolph surpassed 9,000 career TD game with a 300 yard passing performance and another mltiple touchdown game. The Cowboys beat Tulsa in Norman, 59-24. OkSU stays #10.

The game of night however was between #11 Michigan and #17 Florida in Dallas. Down Early and coming back from mltiple turnovers by Will Speights, the Wolverines defence dominated the game and capping the night with a fumble recovery and score when Florida was backed up on their own goal line. Michigan moves up to #11. Florida drops from the rankings because their QB controversy is evident.

#12 Auburn wins against Georgia Southern 41-7, #13 LSU shuts out BYU 27-0, #14 Stanford packs Rice in the land down under 62-7. #15 Georgia and freshman QB Jake Fromm dominate App State 31-10. All move up a spot.

#16 Louisville and 2016 Heisman Lamar Jackson, scrape by Purdue 35-28. Some could argue that a win is a win, but just like USC, a win isn’t enough. Louisville drops a spot to #17. You cannot expect to complete in the ACC with teams like Clemson, Miami and FSU and only beat Purdue (who hasn’t had the same starting QB for 9 season in a row) 7.

#18 Miami beat Bethune Cookman 41-13, move up to #16. #19 University of South Florida beat Stony Brook 31-17 witha dominating defense, stays at #19. #20 Kansas State and Bill Snyder beats Central Arkanses 55-19 and climbs to #18.

#21 Virginia Tech beats to #22 West Virginia in the 4th quarter, dispite both QB’s having fantastic games. The Mountaineers still need to find rythem, but they have a QB in Will Grier. VaTech also found their QB in tre freshman Josh Jackson who looked stellar with almost 350 offensive yards. Va Tech moves up to #20. WVU stays at #22 or falls out of the rankings.

#23 Texas lost a shootout against UR Maryland 51-41. And much like Coach Tom Herman said last week, UT is not a top 25 team. Expect them to be dropped from the rankings.

#24 Washinton State beat Montana State 31-0. They should rise in rankings to #21.

#25 Tennesee still has to play Georgia Tech in Atlanta tonight.

Teams that could earn spots in the the AP Top 25 are, Notre Dame, Utah and TCU.

Illinois Beats Ball State 24-21

Illinois youth showed. I knew this was going to be the case. But we did have great plays by Mikey Dudek, Malik Turner and freshman Mike Epstein. But the o-line was too easy to penetrate and limited the passing attack by Chase Crouch. On defense, we were able to initiate turnovers due to star Tre Watson, but the scondary was depleted and Ball State was able to convert 12 3rd downs. This team has to learn a lot before they can do damage against the Big 10. Comparing the Illini with similar B1G teams like Purdue and Rutgers, we looked much much worse on Saturday. I still trust Lovie Smith, but this year should be a long season as this team matures.

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