ICYMI: Sights and Sounds from Week 2 CFB

Incase you missed it, here are some of the best plays from Week 2 of college football.

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Lets start off with the Georgia Notre Dame match up. With Irma coming in hot on the east coast this weekend, Georgia fans are loving their first trip north of the Mason Dixon line in the last 60 years. But that’s not the only game they came to see. With the Falcons playing the Bears Sunday, a lot of UGA fans are up in Chicago. They made their presence be heard in Wrigley on Friday.

Now the rest of the games.

Michigan started Saturday off with a bomb.

Purdue had a double flea flicker, which led to a score.

Clearly Kentucky is proud of their institute for higher education.

Iowa tied it up late in another great Cyhawk game.

Maryland was up big, but that didn’t stop D.J. Moore from giving up on this fantastic run.

Wisconsin RB Jonathan Taylor could not be stopped either.

Lamar Jackson, showed why he should win the heisman one more time.

Michigan’s halftime show was Jurrasic Park themed, so obviously this happened.

Later in the day, the shootout between Oregon and Nebraska, we had the best catch of the day.

But no college football is complete without some nasty hits.

There were couple of one handed catches and one spectacular interception.

Pac 12 after dark showed up huge with huge plays on 3rd and long. Both in the same game.

But the cake goes to Baker Mayfeild planting the OU flag in the middle of the horseshoe after OU routed the buckeyes.

Fail of the Week: This goes to the botched snap from Louisiana Tech

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