Week 2: Winners and Losers

The new AP Top 25 is out, lets take a look at the teams that gained and fell the most in the rankings this week.

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Week 2’s marquee matchups included Oklahoma vs. Ohio State, Stanford vs. USC and Clemson vs. Auburn. Overall it was a fantastic Saturday that had a lot of exciting moments which you can see here. Now that the new AP Top 25 is out, lets take a look at the teams that gained and fell the most in the rankings this week.

TLS Betting Record: 6-4

First lets start with our betting record. We are continuing to make money, although not a lot. This week we went 3-2 with the losses coming with the Ohio State/Oklahoma Over 63.5 and Western Michigan not covering against Michigan State. Not to happy with this last week, but hey you win some and you lose some. Tune into my weekly thread this Thursday. Moving on to the AP Top 25.


#2 Oklahoma (Last Week: #5)

The Sooners played a fantastic game Saturday night and beat the Buckeyes at home. They were able to avenge the loss from last year. Althogh the game started slow, the Sooners dominated every snap of the game. The Ohio State secondary was no match for Baker Mayfeild. The Buckeyes weren’t able to generate any offense. Mayfeild planting the flag in the center O is a perfect representation of how the game went.


#14 Louisville (#17)

As much as it pains me to say this, Louisville¬†Lamar Jackson dominated the game against UNC. The reigning Heisman trophy winner accounted for 525 of the Cardinal’s 705 yards. The defense was non-existant and after giving pu 28 points to Purdue last week, they game up 35 to UNC. But that didn’t matter. Jackson took care of it by just launching the ball whenever he could and averaging over 10 yards a pass. Louisville, apparently according to the AP voters, deserves a top 15 spot. They are overranked and don’t stand a chance agaisnt #3 Clemson next week.

#25 UCLA (Unranked)

Josh Rosen had another big night. and unlike Lamar Jackson, Rosen actually has a future in the NFL. Rosen led UCLA to a 56-23 victory over Hawai’i by completing 22/25 passes for 329 yards and 5 touchdowns. Although Hawai’i otgained UCLA 515 to 505, UCLA led the Warriors 42-7 with 13 to go in the 3rd quarter. UCLA has now scored on 12 of 14 drives with Rosen 9 of those ending in passing touch downs. This team is the real deal. IF they can withstand the games against Stanford, Washington and USC, expect this team to be in the college playoffs and Rosen winning the Heisman. But only time will tell.


#8 Ohio State (#2)

Ohio State could not covert anything against Oklahoma and got dominated at home in the horseshoe. They were unable to stop Baker Mayfeild. Like Louisville, OSU is definately overranked. If they weren’t #2 in the country to start, OSU wold be in the teens right now. They are not the same team as last year, their defense is pourous and cannot stop the air attack. Mayfeild and Indiana’s Richard Lagow in Week 1 both exposed the weaknesses in the Buckeye secondary.

# 19 Stanford (#14)

Stanford was routed but Sam Darnold and USC, 42-24. USC out gained the Cardinals by 300 yards and dominated time of possession. Stanford fell the second most spots this week. Expect the Cardinal offense to bounce back against San Diego State next week. They are one of the better teams in the Pac-12 and should slowly climb back into the top 15.

NR Notre Dame (#24)

Notre Dame went from recieving 141 points last week to only 31 points this week. This has a lot more to do with other teams being better than the Irish being a bad team. There are just a lot more teams after week 2 that are better than the Irish. #25 UCLA, West Virginia, Oregon, and Maryland all have better offenses and score a lot. The team did lose the most votes this week, after only losing to #15 Georgia by 1 point. Don’t expect this slide to continue against Boston College next week.

TLS Note:

I will be moving this thread to Sunday’s with the Sights and Sounds Recap. So expect 2 blogs on Sunday now. It is a lot more fun to write about expectations for the AP 25 than reviewing it.¬†

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