There’s some movement in the CFP rankings and it doesn’t look good for the Big 10.

What happened last weekend? There were 5 key matchups between ranked opponents and here is how it went.

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What happened last weekend? There were 5 key matchups between ranked opponents and here is how it went.

  • #7 Penn State loses on a last second field goal to #24 Michigan State
  • #6 Ohio State loses to unranked Iowa 55-24. J.T. Barrett threw 4 interceptions including this pick, which is easily in running for best takeaway of the year.


  • #11 Oklahoma State lost in Bedlam to Baker Mayfield and #5 Oklahoma 62-52
  • #10 Miami beat #13 Virginia Tech 28-10
  • #17 USC beat #23 Arizona 49-25

These victories have huge implication on the College Football playoffs. Next week all of a sudden have huge matchups lets list them out.

#12 Michigan State at #13 Ohio State

Michigan State was winless in the B1G last season. This year, they have a chance to capture the B1G title. Huge game in Columbus this weekend. Michigan State wins, and they stay atop the B1G East and have a chance at climbing into the top 10. This could potentially pin them against an undefeated Wisconsin for the B1GCG.  Would a 2 loss Big 10 champion make it into the CFP? B1G if true.

#1 Georgia at #10 Auburn

Georgia is sitting healthy at the top of the CFP rankings. But Gus Malzan and his Tigers are dominant. Other than the loss to a ranked Coach O led LSU, Auburn has just blown past teams in the SEC. Georgia on the other hand has yet to play a decent team. The SEC, much like the B1G West is weak this year. This is the first matchup where the Georgia D, which has allowed only 11 points a game this year, will be tested. Georgia has already lined up for the SEC east crown, but this cross-division matchup will be a huge eyeball test for the Bulldogs.

#20 Iowa at #8 Wisconsin

If you asked me in the beginning of the season, if this game would be between 2 ranked teams, I would have laughed in your face. But here we stand, on 11/7, looking at a ranked Iowa playing a ranked Wisconsin team. This game has the biggest implications for the CFP. Wisconsin has the best chances of making the CFP. An undefeated Badgers, as Big 10 champs would be a sure lock for the playoffs. BUT, much like Georgia, Wisconsin has yet to play a real team.

#6 TCU  at #5 Oklahoma

If you didn’t have this game marked on your calendar at the beginning of e season, you really don’t like football. HUGE game for Baker Mayfield. TCU shook off a loss to Iowa State and pummled. OU shook off the same loss to ISU as well and have put a lead boot on the gas pedal for the last 4 weeks. This game will decide who heads to the conference championship game and them move onto the CFP.

#3 Notre Dame vs. #7 Miami

This game is easily the biggest game of the night. Miami is one of the few undefeated teams left this season, but face the Irish and Josh Adams. Notre Dame has been on everybody’s watch list all season. They have had the toughest schedule in all of CFB and have won against everybody except a close loss at home to now #1 Georgia to start off the season. The winner of this game is a lock for the CFP. Everybody’s eyes should be on ABC as the Catholics play the Convicts Saturday night in Miami.

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