Illinois Week 11: #8 Ohio State

10 years ago, led by Juice Williams, the Illini shocked #1 Ohio State on the road in Columbus. Can they do it again?

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10 years ago, led by Juice Williams, the Illini shocked #1 Ohio State on the road in Columbus. Can they do it again? Probably not. This game is going to be a 1000 point blow out. But if anything I am HYPED. Just check out this trailer.

This was the only game I had marked this year as a loss. But now with the CFP a possiblity for the Buckeyes, I cannot wait for the Illini to spoil the game. But that will never happen. Heres why.


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This game will be dominated by the lines. On average the Illinois OL is 2 years younger than the Ohio DL and only about 35 pounds heavier. The line is going get absolutely dominated and these stats dont even include OSU standout Nick Bosa. On the season, the OSU defense has made 83 tackles for 323 yards lost and sacked the opposing QB 27 times for 191 yards. This whilel the O-line has protected the QB allowing only 15 sacks on the year and 38 tackles for loss. OSU’s OL has 50 pounds and almost a year on the Illinois defense. Ohio RB J.K. Dobbins is going to have a feild day behind this line.

What does this mean for Illinois. Offensively, we will get nowhere. Illinois already has trouble guarding the QB and the running game has fizzled in the last few weeks, with QB Cam Thomas the leading rusher in the 2 games he has played. The offensive game plan will be interesting, since moving the ball will be incredibly difficult.

Defensively, the one key is to make open feild tackles. It is very likely the stout OL opening the lanes up for Ohio State, so the secondary has to play the sticks and slow down the Ohio State offense that has 5500 yards on the season and 58 touchdowns. Missed tackles will trn this game ugly and Dobbins could have a 300 yard 4 TD night.


Is it likely that the Illini spoil J.T. Barrett’s 10th senior night? No. Is it possible? Yes. I’d give the Illini a 2500:1 chance to win the game. But I’d give a shutout 10:1 odds. Long day on Saturday, Illini lose 56-3.

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