Betting on the Home Dogs Will Give You Back the Money You Lost on Black Friday

The college football season is probably the best time of the year. Some may argue that CFB fails to compare to the NFL, but in terms of betting on games, CFB is easy money.

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The college football season is probably the best time of the year. Some may argue that CFB fails to compare to the NFL, but in terms of betting on games, CFB is easy money. With that said, here are my 5 bets to place this weekend if you want to make some money. I useĀ, so those are the lines I will use.

Its rivalry week, that means we have some of the best games of the season coming up. Luckily for the degenerate bettor, most of these games have home dogs. You have to take every point spread possible.

#7 Georgia at Georgia Tech, Pick: Georgia Tech +10.5

The Clean, Old Fashioned Hate has been played between the two schools since 1893, this is the 112 matchup between the two schools. Georgia leads the series 65-41-5, but Georgia Tech has the longest streak at 8 games, biggest win at 48-0 and has the current active win streak between the two teams. Georgia has a balanced offense behind true freshman QB Jake Fromm and senior RB Nick Chubb. Georgia Tech has a run heavy triple option. If this game is anything like the game against Tennessee to start the season, this game should be fun at 11 in the morning.

#9 Ohio State at Michigan, Pick: Michigan +13

The Game, between the Buckeyes and The Team Up North, starts at 11 am. Sucks that this game is being played in the morning. OSU is already in the B1GCCG, but needs this win to move up in the rankings. The Game has been played since 1897 with Michigan leading 58-48-6. However, Michigan has only won the game 5 times in the last 2 decades with Ohio State winning by multiple touchdown a handful of times.

#1 Alabama at #6 Auburn, Pick: Auburn +5.5

The Iron Bowl has been played 81 times since 1893 with Alabama leading 45-35-1. This game between two blue-blood SEC teams, usually sends the winning team to the National Championship. In the last decade, Auburn has only won 3 times, with Alabama dominating Auburn. However, 9-win Auburn teams are undefeated in the Iron Bowl against a Nick Saban led Crimson Tide.

#3 Clemson at #24 South Carolina, Pick: South Carolina +13.5

The Palmetto Bowl is one of the most interesting rivalries, being one of the few rivalries required to be played every year, and is actually written down in South Carolina law. Clemson leads the series 68-42-4 in a game played annually since 1896. In the past decade, this has been a tightly contested rivalry with both teams 5 games. South Carolina has been in a rebuilding period after the firing of HC Steve Spurrier in 2015, but is now ranked and ready to avoid the 56-7 beat down last year in death valley.

#8 Notre Dame at #21 Stanford, Pick: Stanford +3

The Legends Trophy is one of the coolest trophies in college football. Standford has held it 6 times in the last 8 years and is on a 2 game win streak. This will be a tighly contested game, with Stanford pulling ahead for the win. Stanford has struggled early in the season, but has found its footing behind RB Bryce Love. Notre Dame has struggles late, needing a late game defensive stop in the game against Navy last week.



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