Superbowl Week Prop Bets and Game Lines

Make your Sunday more exciting than it already is.

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The Superbowl is one of the biggest weekends to bet on. Other than the score of the game, avid bettors put their hard earned money on the the most random prop bets for the game, including the color of Justin Timberlake’s shoes when he comes out at half times. That actually seems like a good place to start.

Color of Justin Timberlake’s Shoes at Start of Halftime Show

White -120, Black +200, Brown +650, Red +1200, Blue +1000, Green +1000, Yellow +2000

In August 2014, he came out wearing a tux and black shoes. In the same month at his show in Brazil, he wore white. On Jimmy Fallon in March of 2014, he wore black. At the Eurovision Song Contest in 2016, he rocked a sleek pair of black Vans. Then at the 2017 Oscars, JT wore black again. Even when you throw it back to his 2013 SNL performance, he wore black shoes. But what about his boy band days with *NSYNC? HBO Special, Popoddesey Tour, “Tearing up My Heart” Live and their Live VMA performance in 2000 he wore black. It’s pretty clear the JT loves his black shoes. Easy money, especially at the +200, take black.

Time it Takes Pink to Sing the National Anthem

Over/Under 121.5 seconds, -110/+140

So over or under 2 minutes and 1.5 seconds if you can’t do the math. We have to note that this is a domed stadium and even if it is -5 degrees in Minneapolis this weekend, inside the stadium the temperature will be warm, so Pink has no rush to sing the national anthem. But Pink isn’t the same as Christina Aguilera or even Luke Bryan. I expect rifts to be short and crisp. My roommate is a singer himself and of the Pink songs he knows, she doesn’t hold her notes for very long, except for Glitter in the Air, but that’s just a very slow song that puts you to sleep. Take the under.

Pink Says the Word “Eagles” Before/During/After Anthem

Yes +135, No -200

I don’t know who made this line. But Pink is from Doylestown, Pennsylvania, a suburb 27 miles from Philadelphia. At 14, Pink was performing inside Philadelphia clubs. Shortly after Pink was born, the Eagles went to Superbowl XV, but lost. It is VERY VERY VERY likely that Pink will say the word “Eagles” as an homage to her home town. Take the Yes.

Bill Belichick’s Shirt Color at Halftime

Blue -150, Grey +130, Red +900, White +900

Now I’m all about superstitions, especially when it comes to betting on games. If something ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The last time Belichick came out against the Eagles, he wore a gray hoodie, expect him to wear the same color this year. Side note: Belichick’s grey cutoff hoodie is his favorite thing to wear. It will be warm inside US Bank Stadium and those sleeves will be cut off.

Total Trump Tweets on February 4th

Over/Under 5, -120

Now, we all know that Trump loves his Twitter. More importantly, we know his infatuation with the Patriots. BUT Trump knows his moments. During the CFB National Championship, Trump tweeted exactly 5 times. During World Series Game 7, he tweeted 13 times. During the Stanley Cup, he tweeted 4 times. During the NBA Championship and Superbowl LI, he only tweeted three times. It is a very safe bet that he keeps his twitter quiet on Sunday. Under 5 tweets for POTUS, he is probably on the golf course in Florida anyways.

1st Half Total Score

Over/Under 24, -120/+100

Huge day for the under. Tom Brady has never scored a point in any of his 7 Superbowls in the 1st quarter. If you read the last two blogs, the Patriots are going to have a hard time covering the Philadelphia offense. But the Eagle’s offense is led by Nick Foles and the Philly is going to come out soft on their first drive. The first score won’t happen until late in the first quarter, on Philly’s 2nd or 3rd drive. Best bet would be to tease the under with 6 points, so you are looking at a point total of 30, which is high for a first half in any NFL game. Tease this with the over for the game (O/U 48.5 teased down to 42.5) and you my friend, have a winner.

Betting The Game

So I already gave you my first half bet, and I think it is a better value than betting the entire game as a whole. BUT, none the less, the Eagles would be the favorites with Carson Wentz. And if I have learned anything playing almost a decade of sports, defense wins championships and the Philly defense will be amped up on Sunday. The Eagles were the dogs for the entire of the playoffs and overcame every single game. Currently, the Eagles are 4.5 point underdogs and it has fallen from about 7 points 2 weeks ago. But I have done enough research this week, as outlined in my blogs, that the Eagles have the best chances of winning this year. Take the Eagles money line as if your life depended on it. Honestly it would be wild not to do so.

E-A-G-L-E-S Eagles! Go Birds! I’ll see y’all on twitter send me your reactions @thelastsnap_.

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