TLS Conference Championship 2018: Big 12

The Big 12 start the conference tournament Wednesday at 7 PM on ESPN.

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On Sunday, the Big 10 conference crowned Michigan as their champion, and this week, we have a whole week of championships. The Big 12 starts their conference tournament on Wednesday.


Tournament Preview

The Big 12 is one of the best conferences in the country. It has 3 teams in the top 25, 9 of 10 teams finishing above .500 and a chance at sending 80% of the teams to the tournament.

Kansas has the easiest chance to win to the tournament but has to go through the winner of Oklahoma/Oklahoma State who, both have a big chance to make it to the dance if they can break the 20-win thresh hold. Oklahoma State is on the bubble after beating Kansas Saturday and Oklahoma has Trae Young, one of this seasons most intriguing freshman. Both teams will make it tough for Kansas to even make it to the Semi Finals.

Texas Tech, West Virginia and Baylor will have to play each other in order to make it to the finals and reach the tournament.

Games to Watch

Battle of Bedlam

Oklahoma is playing bad and Oklahoma State is on the bubble. The two teams split the regular season series in the Battle of Bedlam, with each team winning their home games. Oklahoma however has lost 7 of last 10 and 10 of the last 15 games. OSU has rebounded after losing coach Brad Underwood to Illinois and has competed all season with the best teams. They are on the bubble and are playing motivated basketball to earn their bid to the NCAA tournament. This is March and a rivalry game, so anything could happen. Must watch game on Wednesday night.

Semifinal – Winner of West Virginia/Baylor vs. Winner of Texas Tech and Texas/Iowa State

Iowa State has surprised this year, beating 3 ranked opponents in the Big 12 regular season. If we remember Rutgers from last week, Iowa could play well, but they probably won’t. Texas Tech, Baylor and West Virginia all need this win to improve their rankings and hopefully get a higher tournament seed. Baylor is the weakest due to their inconsistent play. Tech showed it was in March form with a huge win over TCU to end the season Saturday. West Virginia has a chance to win the entire Big 12 tournament and have the experience to make it far. When this game comes and if any of these 3 teams are in the semi finals, this will be a must watch game on Friday night.


Round 1

OSU beats OU

Iowa State beats Texas


Kansas State beats TCU

OSU beats Kansas

Texas Tech beats Iowa State

West Virginia beats Baylor


OSU beats Kansas State

West Virginia beats Texas Tech


West Virginia beats OSU





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