What is the Closest Steak ‘n Shake to Every Big 10 Football Stadium?

It really is a staple of the Midwest.

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I was browsing reddit today and came upon this thread. Ole Miss and Texas A&M are outliers, in that they don’t have a Wafflehouse, the staple of the south, closer than 7 miles from campus. What about the Big 10 and Steak ‘n Shakes? The Midwest’s all night diner and home of the $4 dollar menu and side by side shakes.


  • Illinois – Memorial Stadium – .7 miles
  • Indiana – Memorial Stadium – .5 miles
  • Iowa – Kinnick Stadium – 14 miles
  • Maryland – Maryland Stadium – 35 miles
  • Michigan – Michigan Stadium – 5.7 miles
  • Michigan State – Spartan Stadium – 8.5 miles
  • Minnesota – TCF Bank Stadium – 254 miles
  • Nebraska – Memorial Stadium – 196 miles
  • Northwestern – Ryan Field – 3.5 miles
  • Ohio State – Ohio Stadium – 6.3 miles
  • Penn State – Beaver Stadium – 156 miles
  • Purdue – Ross-Ade Stadium – 4.1 miles
  • Rutgers – High Point Solutions Stadium – 30.1 miles
  • Wisconsin – Camp Randall Stadium – 65.3 miles

So I guess Steak and Shake isn’t as close to the Big 10 schools as I had thought, but hey, if we want conference realignment, we can set it at less than 6.3 miles. And have an even split. But there are some things of note.

  • Steak and Shakes are very popular in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Michigan.
  • There are no Steak ‘n Shakes in Nebraska, Minnesota and Wisconsin
  • Illinois and Indiana have Steak ‘n Shake’s within walking distance and a couple more in diving distance.

Further, it only proves why Illinois is one of the best schools in the Big 10. We may suck at football, and basketball for that matter, but we can stumble ourselves to a Steak ‘n Shake after an entire day of tailgates or after a night out in town. I’ll put us in the win column for that one.

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