First Four: St. Bonaventure vs. UCLA

First Four matchup between UCLA and St. Bonaventure.

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Line:  UCLA -3.5

Shortly after LIU and Radford, UCLA (21-11) plays St. Bonaventure (25-7) in a play in game against UCLA. UCLA is winners of 2 of the last 5, losing to Arizona in the Pac-12 Tournament. Surprisingly the Bruins made it to the tournament over teams like Utah and USC. St. Bonaventure was a team that had won 13 straight games before losing to Davidson in the Atlantic 10 semifinals.

UCLA has the 23rd best offense, 57th best tempo and 60th best SOS in the nation. UCLA went through an early season debacle in China, losing LiAngelo Ball in an arrest in the country. The Bruins recovered and were one of the better defensive teams in the Pac-12 and the one of the best teams beyond the arc. But they lack the defensive pressure to win games that are shootouts. St. Bonaventure, had a shot at a confirmed seed but fell short after winning 13 straight. They are a tough team that creates fouls and attempts at the line. They are a well coached, balanced team that shoots threes and plays tough defense.

Both teams make shots beyond the arc, which could be a death sentence for a team that fails against offensive pressure like UCLA. I like the Bruins, but the Bonnies are tough, play hard and are looking to make it to the final game. This will be a high scoring game that will be a must watch tonight. The Bonnies win 85-78 and a date with Florida in the first round.

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