The Way Too Early CFB Coaches Hot Seat

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The college football season has not even started yet, but has already given us the odds for the top 5 coaches to be fired if the 2018 season doesn’t go as expected.

So here are the top 5:

It surprises me that Ed Orgeron is first on that list with 7-1 odds. Yes, LSU fans have a high expectation for the the Tigers, but how has Coach O helped LSU? Since taking over in the 2016 season, Coach O has gone 15-6 with 1 bowl win the 6 losses coming on a 0-10 loss to Alabama, a 10-16 loss to Florida, a 37-7 loss to Mississippi State, a 24-21 loss on Homecoming to Troy, a 10-24 loss against Alabama, and a 17-21 loss in a bowl game to Notre Dame. Other than the losses to Troy and Mississippi State, 2 have been against #1 ranked teams, 1 to a #10 Auburn and 1 to #11 Notre Dame and 1 to #20 Florida. All while being ranked in the top 25.

So how safe is Coach O’s job really? Pretty safe. LSU has most of the Lousinana’s class of 2019 and 2020 leaning or committed to LSU already. Coach O is 10-4 in the SEC in a year and a half, which isn’t terrible (See: Kentucky or Vanderbilt) But losing to Troy and scoring only 10 points against Alabama doesn’t sweeten the pot.

LSU starts the 2018 season against Miami in Week 1 and then has a game at Auburn in Week 3. But their gauntlet doesn’t start until October 6th when they face Florida, Georgia, Mississippi State and Alabama in back to back weeks. If Coach O can go 3-2 or 4-1 in the first 5 weeks, He is pretty safe. But if he gets to the meaty portion of the season below .500, the Tigers might be on the board for a new HC.

On a more recent not, might as well add Urban Meyer on this list, here is the latest news on the subject.

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