First Four: Texas Southern vs. NC Central

First Four matchup between Texas Southern and North Carolina Central.

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Line:  Texas Southern -5

Texas Southern (15-19) comes into the play in game winners of 8 of the last 10 and the SWAC champions. North Carolina Central (19-15) has won 7 of their last ten of their last games and are the winners of MEAC conference tourney. The winner of this game will advance to play Xavier in the first round of the tournament on Friday.

Texas Southern is a quick team with the 35th best tempo this year along with the toughest Non-Conference schedule in the nation, so don’t take their 15-19 record lightly. The Tigers opened their schedule with games against Gonzaga, Washington State, Ohio State, Syracuse, #3 Kansas and Clemson. Along the way, they played Oregon, #21 Baylor and #15 TCU. As expected, they won none of those games. But in the conference they bounced back, winning 12 of 18 games and the conference tourney. North Carolina Central really hasn’t been tested all year and is one of the worst teams in the country, ranking below 200th in ever stat on KenPom.

As was with LIU/Radford last night, neither of these teams have a chance against Xavier. But Texas Southern has never won a tournament game and will be looking to change that this year. North Carolina Central isn’t much better and they stink in every category. Texas Southern has the clear edge and wins a date with Xavier on Friday afternoon.

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